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Legendary_W said:
Foolish fools who foolishly look like fools by their foolishly foolish opinions.
XO is selling LESS than it's direct competitor, the PS4. Therefore Xbox One is a complete and utter FAILURE. Tracking above X360? Bright future with Windows 10? WHO CARES! A console can only be considered successful when it outsells its competition, otherwise it's sales are CRAP and the console, along with it's failure half-assed games, also becomes CRAP!

Nah, XO is doing pretty well and if Microsoft keeps getting stuff right it might be able to outsell X360 (which sold really well) as long as they can keep the XO tracking over it and increasing the gap. It'd be nice to see all those "hurr durr xbox one will only sell 30/40M lifetime it's a failure no one likes it hurr durr" predictions totally crushed. It's a nice console and deserves big success (at least in my opinion) :)

Fuuny is that your first rant actually explains what your second paragraph is.