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LipeJJ said:
jennryan3190 said:
LipeJJ said:

Title says it all.

Name your favorite home console for each generation that you experienced.


Example: Since I started gaming on the 4th generation, my list would be:

- Gen 4: SNES
- Gen 5: N64
- Gen 6: PS2
- Gen 7: Wii
- Gen 8: PS4 (so far)

I agree with your list except for this gen I would say PS4 and Wii U have tied for me. I love me some nintendo games.

Thanks. :)

Regarding this gen, just to explain my choice: I love my Wii U and I even prefer its exclusives over the PS4 ones, but I chose the PS4 because I think it is more balanced; plus I have confidence that Sony will support it for a longer time.

Yes I agree as well. I play my PS4 more because it also has the 3rd party games and a lot of good indies, plus I like Driveclub and Infamous. I also like Mario Kart, the Mario games, Toad Treasure Tracker and others. PS4 will get supported a lot longer. Will be intersting to see the next Nintendo console. It will come before the next PS or Xbox.