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Samus Aran said:
st0pnsw0p said:
>SM64 #2
>OoT #1

How original.

Good enough list I guess, though I really have to question how Other M made it in.

SM64 is so average. Played it first in 2010. Nostalgia I guess?

Nostalgia, brand-recognition and the fact that it was one of the first 3D platformers ever, I imagine. Some people are quick to forgive flaws in a game if it was revolutionary, especially so if they played and liked it back then. Same with Goldeneye and FFVII making it into the top 50, I suppose.

I played it when the N64 was still current-gen and I never liked it much. The Banjo games did the 3D platformer genre so much better.

Anyways, it looks like played about 85 of these games and I have a few in my backlog right now that I'll get to later this year. Glad to see that Super Meat Boy and Half-Life are fairly low on the list (so overrated).