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I think I had never been defeated in scrolling down against a loading webpage until now. Took me a while!


Alright, some quick comments before getting into the whole data:

· You awesome Smeags, come 'ere I want to kiss you.

· Dead Rising is 306. I'm sad it is that low, but I'm glad it made the whole overall list. On the other hand, it is the 11th Best Game of the Year in 2006, a game full of gems, and that's no easy feat for a launch game! Alternatively, Dead Rising 3 is the 8th best Xbox One game right now.

· Knights of the Old Republic didn't make the top 50. :(

· Top 10 games have:

- 4 Zelda games.

- 4 Mario games.

- Uncharted 2.

- Resident Evil 4.

Is it bad that I don't agree with almost every single one there? Aside from Uncharted 2 and A Link to The Past. Resident Evil 4 is awesome as well, but you people already know my stance on Resident Evil as a whole.


· Ico being the n.310 and Shadow of the Colossus, n.37 is a disservice to Ico, in my opinion!

· The only Xbox exclusive on the top 50 is Halo 3. Then we have a bit of third-party games, a bit of Sony exclusive games, and everything else Nintendomination.

· Awesome job Smeags-chan!!!