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JWeinCom said:
Smash by sheer numbers. There really isn't anything Kratos, or anyone else, can do about Super Sonic. If we let Pit use the Great Sacred Treasure, he'd simply be way too fast for Kratos or Zeus. After the two gods are done, Samus' technology (including the invincible screw attack) wipes out everyone else. I'm not really sure Kratos could take out Samus either way.

That's before we get into Ganondorf who is basically unbeatable without certain methods that won't be available to the All Stars, Rosalina's ill defined cosmic powers, and so on, it's a pretty clear victory for Nintendo.


Anyone who's played Xenoblade...

*spoilers spoilers spoilers*

Knows that Shulk is basically a god by the end of the game and can literally recreate the damn universe with the Monado. So... there's that too.

I'd say the universe recreation was a unique moment and is not part of shulk's powers

But shulk could foresee each and every attack and use the monado arts to defend acordingly. And the monado bends to his will, being able to cut through anything. A single good slice and the enemy is as good as dead, even if a god.

Then we have the zelda characters and their triforce power.Link has the whole triforce for himself sometimes, meaning he could simply wish for the all stars roster to cease existing (something he already did with his enemies).

Pit kills lesser gods by himself and greater gods with the three sacred treasures.. Palutena is at least as powerfull as pit.

The rest of the all stars rosters wouldn't even stand a chance.