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Mr Puggsly said:

But its only a waste if you don't see any value in them. Many hardcore gamers enjoy having access to exclusives on multiple platforms.

Personally I feel paying for cable is a waste because I don't really watch TV but many value that service.

The value diminishes with each additional console, though. If I buy a PS4 for $400, the XBO instantly offers only about 10% of content I don't already have access to, yet remains $400. Going ahead and still buying that console after knowing that makes no sense if you value money. You're buying the first console for $400 thinking "this is worth $400 because it will offer me access to 1000 games I couldn't have played before," but then saying "this second console is still worth $400 even though it will only offer me 50 more games I couldn't have played before." I don't care if other people do it, but they're throwing money away.

I do watch TV and know that cable is a waste. There are several alternatives that cost less to nothing and offer infinitely more freedom than cable ever will.

Well, this is new.