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The first half of the 7th gen was known for the casualization of gaming more than ever before. Nintendo had the Wii and all their 1st party megatons  but  discarding most 3rd party games. The XB360 had substantial focus on FPSs and games that were born to be hits (ME, TES or DA) and not so much on the mid-tier games. PS3 tried to make both, but in the first half of the 7th gen it struggled to get exclusivity deals and so it didn't get the freedom to make mid-tier games like it did in the PS2 era for example.

Now today we have PS4 that I and many others are seeing it as the comeback of the PS2 era where many game companies could do any games, some very weird ones, and were very successful by doing games that were not so casual and directed to the masses. Companies like Capcom [Okami] or SE [FFXII] are turning their heads on Sony consoles again and to me it seems like things will be more diverse this generation and that we will see that Resident Evil we were hoping for, or that old-school-FF-without-bs we have been craving for; games that won't try to appeal the masses but will comeback to their roots. Also the 8th gen may mark the comeback of many other games that aren't just FPSs or don't rely on weird mechanics such as the motion controls to be sucessful, we will be just gamers again.

Do you agree and can you feel that in the air? If there's a console that can bring that back, I think that console is a Sony console (it's just what I think based on my experience as a hardcore gamer).

...Let the Sony Domination continue with the PS4...