I feel this gen is going rather slow for me in terms of wanting to own all the systems.

So far I'm looking into upgrading my PC first since I managed to amass a nice backlog on Steam from previous and recent sales, Wii U will probably be my first to purchase since it's the cheapest in my eyes and has a decent amount of games I want.

Not so sure of the XB1 and PS4 though since MS is having trouble trying to keep hold of their exclusives and simply letting them wander to other platforms and this gen is all about exclusives for me so that's an issue with the XB1 for me.

The price point and general offerings from Sony aren't really enticing me so far and even keeping up to date with news on their end still isn't showing me much to go for which means waiting 4-5 years feels like the better option for me financially and being able to see if they have anything by then that I'd want, until then both the Xb1 and PS4 are mostly off the table for me until I see a secure valid reasons to own both, I'll be happy for the next year or 3 owning my 3DS, PC and a Wii U.