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Versus_Evil said:
Toxy said:


NFG - Resurrection was an incredible return to form for them after Radiosurgery (imo they're weakest record). I went to see them live in November and they where fucking incredible (State champs where the best live band there that night tho).

Mest - Broken Down, such a good record, I grew up listening to Mest so I was sad to see them break up. But after lasts years not what you expected and now this (even tho this is just an acoustic record of songs they've already done) I guess they're really back?

Taking Back Sunday - Happiness is, flicker fade was my second Most listened to song last year only being beaten by first reaction after falling through the ice by LA Dispute (and considering they make my number 1 second Most played song is a good thing) I've never been the biggest fan of TBS but this record would have made my top 5 if my taste in music hadn't shifted from mainly rock and pop punk to post hardcore.

I am glad that Mest is back, they were my favourite band back when I was a teenager, however their break up led myself to moving on.
Now that they are back and still playing some excellent tunes I am very excited for what the future holds for them. They have announced that they are doing some sort of Kickstarter project this year, so it will likely be a project to fund their new album as they are an independent band now.

I have enjoyed all of New Found Glory's albums, however I am probably a little biased due to my nostalgia for them. I have seen them live twice. The first time I saw them they were headlining with Taking Back Sunday. Both are excellent live bands - Mest too.

Taking Back Sunday have really grown as a band. Their lates tunes compared to their earlier stuff is quite noticeable. They almost seem like a different band now.

What post hardcore bands are you into? I am also a very big fan of the genre (and most hardcore genres for that matter). Hence why I listen to The Used, Story of the Year, Pierce the Veil, Behind Crimson Eyes and so on.