Yes as in it will be above 9m but 9.0m Gap is TOO SMALL. IT WILL BE 10-11M RANGE. Probably 10.5 M, because XBONE will have NO SALES because of price coming back to $400, while PS4 will sell like hot cakes because of the quality of the console and most imporant because of upcoming games.

XBONE might got some sales for November and December because of being cheeper, shopping mom`s would preffer to buy the $330 next gen rather than $400, but thats only valid during hollidays. People who buy the console for themselves will always buy a PS4, simply because its WAY BETTER and all your friends have it. I have over 10 friends who have PS4 and only ONE of them has XBONE ( he also has a PS4 ).

Simply put, PS4 will have DOUBLE SALES (2:1 ratio) from January 2015 - October 2015. MS can't play the price drop card again, it already sold an addition of ~700k Units because of price drop ( rest are regular sales that would have happened without the price drop ). So unless they drop the price to 250 $ and throw in 3-4 games, no one will buy a XBONE.

p.s I used to own XBOX360 and my favourite games of all time are Forza Motorsport series. I bought 2nd XBOX360 Forza Motorsport 4 bundle, just cos I loved the game... but I just can't f*ck myself so hard to buy a XBONE. XBONE is that much of a garbage + Project Cars is cooooooming MARCH 2015 :) :)