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#1 - Chrono Trigger

Never has a RPG had so much charm. Chrono Trigger has a relatively small cast but all characters are endearing, the battle system favors mixing things up with each character interacting differently depending on their teammates thanks to the creative double and triple techs. The story is time-travel done so damn well, each of your action in different time eras has repercussions in the later time frames, there's also neat features like leaving a chest unopen in the past to get to open it twice, the end-game is full of time hoping side-quests where you can change the lives of many people for the better (and get sweet items too!). The soundtrack is absolutely perfect with themes for every character and background music that fits every strange location/time you find yourself in. Last but not least there's the New Game + option that allows you to go through the game again with all your inventory and levels which in turn allows you to beat the last boss at pretty much any point in the game with very entertaining and funny alternate endings (I think there are 16 total).  This game is a total delight!

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