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#3 - StarCraft: Brood War

I was obsessed with StarCraft for the longest time, I studied unit types, attack types, watched replays and most of all my Terran army played countless games against my brother's Protoss forces and my best friend's Zerg swarm. 

We never were professional players material but we nevertheless had thrilling fights were we would learn from our previous mistakes. I'd get badly beaten to a well executed Reaver Drop, the next time around my mineral line was protected by a triangle of turrets, my brother's ground troops would get decimated by my Siege Tanks, he built shuttles to drop Zealots right on top on them. 

This game is so well balanced that we could never come up with a guaranteed win strategy, there was always something you could do to counter your opponent, you just had to find out what it was and find a way to pull it off before it's too late.

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