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#4 - Diablo II: Lord of Destruction

Diablo II doesn't have an amount of time played stat but if I'd have to guess I'd be willing to bet I've played over a 1000 hours of this game. I made countless heroes, checked online guide to see what I'd be building next, a Bowazon? a Javazon? a Hammerdin?  a Bowazon? a Bonemancer? a Bowazon? (Yes I was kinda hooked on Amazons). 

In contrast to its successor, Diablo II forced you to stick with your choices which meant you could build a terrible terrible character, a well round character or a God but it also provided a lot of replay value since you had to start a new character each time you wanted to try something new and it was so much fun. What also added to the addiction were the sweet items that you would hunt for in order to make your character even more godly.

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