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#6 - Final Fantasy VII

The Final Fantasy series has been a favorite of mine ever since the first game but Final Fantasy VII sits firmly at the top. Featuring a great cast, a fascinating story (I always love to relive the discovery of who Cloud really is), the wonderful materia system, some pretty darn epic summons, a ton of end-game side-quests and quirky mini-games, I doubt any future FF game will ever top it.

While the game does have a dark and serious plotline, it still knows how to be silly and fun (the cross-dressing section being the most obvious example of that) something that I feel is gone from more recent titles. I'll admit the characters do look awful when out of combat but the game's prerendered background are still nice and the characters models in combat are more than decent for a PS1 game.

*** Writing this reminds me that I have to transfer my save file of my latest playthrough from my old laptop to my new computer!

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