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#11 - Final Fantasy II (VI)

The SNES was truly the kind of consoles, it saw the glorious evolution of the Final Fantasy series with Final Fantasy IV and somehow managed to top that with the even better Final Fantasy VI. 

Featuring a wide cast of interesting characters (except Gau, who cares about him) and the greatest vilain of all-time, the delighful Kefka. The game starts with The Returners wanting to fight against the evil Empire but then turns into a fight for the survival of existence when the truly mad Kefka gets his hand on ultimate power and plunges the whole world into ruin.

The fight system is fun and every character feels unique thanks to each of them having a special ability. Some characters are clearly superior to other but thankfully they happen to be the most interesting ones.

Once again, I must take some time to acknowledge the wonderful work of Nobuo Uematsu who scored this epic adventure brilliantly, now if you'll excuse me I'm going to listen to the Distant World version of Dancing Mad.

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