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#17 - The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

I've always had a distaste for handheld gaming ever since Metroid II always made me blind on the original GameBoy but when I heard there was a sequel to my beloved A Link to the Past coming on the 3DS I couldn't help but surrender (that and Smash sealed the deal).

I can safely say that this title alone could have been enough to justify my purchase. This game is fantastic, reusing the overwold from ALTP but filling it with brand new ideas from top to bottom. The turn into a painting mechanic is fun and clever, the dungeons are creative and well designed, the items rental mechanic works well, the side quests are actually useful (gotta love those upgraded items!). The only reason I haven't ranked it even higher is that it still hasn't passed the test of multiple playthroughs like other titles have.

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