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biglittlesps said:
jacks81x said:
jacks81x said:

The number they showed at PSX was just over 14m.  So I'll guess that they'll hit 15m by the end of the year.


what does this number represent?

Units sold through would be my guess.  This was at the end of the montage right before Layden came out on stage and said PS4 is the fastest selling console of all time.

We dont know these number until which date. I think it should be until first/second week of november so it will complete 1 year. Sony said fastest selling console of all time, so what was the highest numbers for first year before we can guess PS4 is above that.

Doesn't matter to me what date it's from since it's not a milestone number anyway.   When the PS4 hits 15m sold-through I'm sure Sony will make an official announcement.