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That really sucks for you.

I did something similar back in the 80's when I went off to join the military. I sold all of my things and consoles. I also sold my 65 mustang. I knew I was going to be traveling with what I could be carrying for the next 5 years.

Oddly, about 3 years later I learned that many of the things that I had discarded were now being repurchased(with the exception of the Mustang). Over the last 20 years since I got out of the service, I have been married and have 4 children. What I have learned is to balance things where gaming is always second to pretty much everything.

Even though you now think that you can't move on without your gaming, you will more than likely learn to put gaming on the bottom of the list as these other things fill that void you are creating.

Do it, get rid of it all. Later, when it fits into your life again, you will make gaming a part of it.

It is near the end of the end....