Aphelion said:
Seece said:
Aphelion said:

So sales now are triple if not quadruple for Nov.

Yes, go check the last few years.

2012 saw Oct to Nov increase five-fold, 2013 was quadruple.

And MS has never been this aggressive in a November before, it's the first time the console has had a price cut in November, it's usually August or September

Sep - 270,000
Oct - 270,000
Nov - 1,260,000
Dec - 1,400,000

XB1 is already beating the Sep figure.

Guess what, much has to do with price.  Black friday deals work better at 200 then 350ish, its where the masses of the lower income level get their goods.  An xbox that touches 400 after taxes will not do as much as a 200 dollar one.  

You are expecting X1 to achive the sales of a 200$ if not less then that 360, it is comical.  

Even with the higly inflated sept numbers of 280k, X1 would have to increases sales 5 fold sept to Nov in its second year to do what many are predicting.  

Nuts is the word.  

Oh look, XB1 increased more than six-fold in the US this month. Far beyond the triple and quadruple you called nuts.