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#24 - Resident Evil 2

As Resident Evil 2 starts, it throws you in the deep end (especially if you haven't played the first game like me), the first time you gain control of your character you're already in deep trouble among a swarm of zombies. I died a few times before getting the hang of it but that rough start set the tone for this game, you really felt like you were in a dire situation, hopelessly outnumbered. Your ammo is limited forcing you to choose which zombies you're going to kill, some enemies are terrifying (especially the lickers!).

The game also features an interesting story, cool weapons, scary bosses and cheesy dialogue. You get to play as Leon S. Kennedy or Claire Redfield, each one travelling a different path even though they pass through the same locations (also the story differs depending on who you play as first).

This is a game I played many times over, unlocking everything I could until I could beat the game fast enough to be awarded the unlimited rocket launcher which does kill the tension in the game but is so much fun!

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