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Metal Gear Solid (PS1, 1998)

guessed by episteme and RavenXtra

Hideo Kojima made himself a household name with Metal Gear Solid, a masterpiece of game design and interactive art. Set in a remote nuclear facility in Alaska, the game follows the adventures of elite soldier Solid Snake, lured out of retirement and asked to liberate the facility from members of his former squad. With its focus on stealth and evasion, Metal Gear Solid isn't for everyone. Each segment of the game a requires a good amount of patience and discipline to outmanuever enemy patrols and avoid surveillance equipment. Punctuating these stealth action segments are some truly groundbreaking cinematic cut scenes and an amazing collection of diverse and challenging boss battles. Sure, the game can be a little too opaque and clever for its own good, but it's still one of the medium's greatest triumphs.