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adriane23 said:
Um, did you ever play any of the Uncharted games? I'm not seeing where you got this copying idea from.

Yes, I have played all three (console) games. And like I said I am only talking specifically about the similarities between UC4 and TR reboot, not any of the other UC or TR games. Yes, I realize Drake has gone to jungle islands many times before, but this has a vibe that is much more similar to the TR reboot. Even the island landscape shots with the ocean in the background are very reminiscent of the TR shots the TR reboot used in their promotional material. The pick axe, the rope... there is a lot of stuff that looks very similar. I can't help it, I'm getting a real sense of deja vu. If they had gone with a different setting I wouldn't be making these claims but there are just too many similarities (not just the obvious treasure hunter premise similarities) for me not to get a sense of deja vu.