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Perfect Dark (N64, 2000)

guessed by Smeags

Say hello to Perfect Dark, Rare's follow-up to the massively successful GoldenEye 007. It seemed unlikely that Rare could create a worthy successor to one of the most critically acclaimed and popular games of all time, but that's exactly what happened. In fact, Perfect Dark surpasses its spiritual predecessor on several fronts: graphics, sound, presentation, and game modes. In single-player mode, heroine Joanna Dark fights across over a dozen levels to uncover a massive conspiracy. In co-operative or counter-operative mode, two players can take on mission objectives together, or try to sabotage one another. And in multiplayer mode, up to four players and eight computer-controlled bots, or "simulants" as they're called in Perfect Dark, can fight for bragging rights. Perfect Dark marks the first of seven N64 games in my top 25.