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Vikki said:

Nah, it doesn't really bother me if people like 5 or 6. 5 was actually one of my favourite games of last gen, it's just such a downgrade compared to everything else in the series...apart from maybe 0. 5 was better than 0.

I'm actually not thrilled for Revelations 2 at all. I just wish they'd take the series out for a nice dinner, give it one last kiss, and then take it around the back of the barn and blow it's brains out.


Well, Capcom isn't on a great financial situation right now. Biohazard is the biggest thing they still hold. Of course, I'd rather have them doing Dragon's Dogma 2 (There's rumors of that!) or a new Dead Rising (that'd be glorious!), but priorities come first.


Resident Evil 6 also has the bonus of offering offline co-op for both campaign and extra modes. Just like 5, that is a great bonus in my eyes, which also made me enjoy the game even more playing it with a buddy. If only Chris' arm didn't take like half of the splitscreen... -_-"