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Kirin_gaming said:
Captain_Tom said:

Kirin_gaming said:

 This is actually true but, we have to remember that the 4k we have today won't be the same 5 years later,it'll actually be much more harder to run.I think it is very unlikely we are going to see the PS5 running native 4k since I believe we aren't gonna see a middle range card capable of runnign 4k at 60fps in the next 5 years,consoles have to be cost effective,so I don't think they would put a middle-high range card inside the console.

We are just going to have to disagree on that.  5 years is a very long time.

Actually yeah,I take that back.Sometimes I forget that there are other quality settings besides ultra. 

So now, I'm guessing we could see it running 4k at medium-high settings,I hope you are right about the cpu though, a powerful 8-core cpu would be more than enough for that resolution, a 16-core would be interesting as well, so that some cores are used for background tasks and the ones left are all used for gaming.

Well remember I said a powerful 8-Core + a backup quad-core for background tasks.