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~15TFLOPS GPU is pretty much common number that's been speculated for quite some time now, mostly based on previous gen jumps.

Not convinced it's enough for native 4K though - current high end gfx cards perform at 1/3 at that res compared to 1080p, and while 15TFLOPS would be certainly more than enough to render games natively in 4K, actual "juice after resolution jump" left to enhance visuals over current gen would be be only around 2.5x - which is quite lower than 5x or so in this gen.

Hence, I do agree with 1440p estimates - it's 4K divided by 1.5 (which I'm guessing good in-built hw upscalers would have less problems with), and it actually gives around the same "juice after resolution jump" as last to current gen jump.

Other option might be anamorphic 1920x2160, which is only around 10% more pixels than 1440p and keeps vertical pixels intact.