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Captain_Tom said:

2019 would be the latest I think it might come out (Expect sooner).  But when it does I would expect:

-Something like an R9 770X or whatever would be like 8 times stronger than the 7870 in the PS4

-16 or 32GB of HBM memory bringing the bandwidth to 1 or 2 TB/s

-An 8-core CPU clocked at 3 - 4.0 GHz with much better IPC than the PS4's cpu, and a second quad-core cpu for background tasks.

-Full backwords compatibility with the PS4.

-Expect the PS5 to perform as well at 4K as the PS4 does at 1080p now with the obvious advantage of much better effects/AI/Physics.  60 FPS should also be at least decently easier for the PS5 to do than it is for the current consoles (Due to the faster CPU and RAM).

-Possibly a 1 TB SSD for fast load times.  Expect at least a hybrid solution.

Lol. Current gen barely gets 1080p. 1440p will be max.