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The PS4 is a great console, It has a CPU with 8 little cores that achieves a Core I3 like multithreading performance, a nice 18 core shader graphic card derived from Radeon HD 7870-7850 that gives 1,84 Tflops and 8 GB of DDR5 with 176 GB/s of Bandwith. With these specifications it can run almost every game at 1080p 30 FPS. It could have been a little more powerfull, but its enough for 1080p mantaining a good console size and power consumption. 

Now, what do you think the next PS5 will bring us in terms of hardware specifications? I think next gen console should be able to handle at least 4k Resolution at 30 FPS to take advantage of new TVs.  What do you think should be the capabilities and hardware of the next sony console  if it comes arround 2019-2020 to convince you to buy it?