Azzanation said:

As a previous Nintendo owner, i found going Xbox was a better decision mainly because i grew up with Nintendo and Rare. Rare has that Nintendo magic and can release 1 hit wonders and also has a library of some of the greatest gaming franchises in the world. A NES classic in Battle Toads has been trade marked by MS recently so theres chance to play another great Rare game.  Also rumours of Banjo Threeie and another Perfect Dark in the works plus Killer Instinct which is one of the best fighting games iv played in years, you wont be disapointed, and thats just Rare. XB1 has plently going for it with there other studios with the next Crack Down, one of the best FPS gaming franchises in Halo 5, Remedys next big game in Qauntum Break, Platiums Scale Bound which looks awesome and Lion Heads Fable Legends.

I would say go XB1, I did and i love it. 

What I should have said. ^^^^^^^^^^^