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GamechaserBE said:
true_fan said:
RenderMonk said:
300k sold for a top hyped EXCLUSIVE from an established studio like Insominiac.....very bad. Considering there were approximately 6 million Xbox1 install base, that means there was a .05% attach rate for the game, with 300K copies sold. That is not good by any standards. Usually it's at least 1% attach rate. 5% or 10% is considered a success. .05% is a failure.

That's why they are giving the game away for free for a day, in an effort to show people that it's a good game, and to buy it. Problem is, people that buy an Xbox just aren't interested. Xbox only users are primarily FPS fans primarily, and look for the dark grey/green/brown hyper-realistic games. SunsetOverdrive is a 3rd person action/shooter with bright colors and that's the opposite of what the base of Xbox fans look for.

Even though you are trying your best to downplay the game, you just deemed it a success. 300k/6 million is 5%. Work on your math. 

Yeah I read his comment and was thinking the same ^^'.  Anyway Insomniac games are not big sellers and normally also have legs.  The bundled version, digital version is not counted aswell so 300k miminim now can be a potential million seller./lol

LOL I see what I did, it's .05 when divided, I just forgot that represents 5% when written out. It's early. My percentage of attach rate for success was what was incorrect then. 10% is considered a success, but still not great. If/when they sell 600k, that will be considered decent sales for a new IP.  Anything less than that, just isn't good no matter how you spin it....even if some of my math skills aren't functioning at peak conditions this morning. :)

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