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Panzer Dragoon (Saturn, 1995)

guessed by S.Peelman

Although Sega Saturn sold poorly compared to its competition, the system hosted some truly great games over its relatively short lifespan. One of those games is Panzer Dragoon, one of six titles released during the Saturn’s accelerated North American launch on May 11, 1995. In Panzer Dragoon, players assume the role of a young hunter entrusted with a vital mission and a powerful blue dragon. Panzer Dragoon is a rail shooter, not unlike Star Fox, and thus movement is limited along vertical and horizontal axes. Players can attack enemies with a rapid-fire rifle or with a lock-on energy blast that seeks out several targets at once. Panzer Dragoon also allows players to rotate the camera around 360 degrees to fight off enemies coming from the north, south, east, and west.