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Shadow of the Colossus (PS2, 2005)

guessed by Mr_No

The development team that produced the cult hit Ico returned in 2005 with Shadow of the Colossus, an action game that pits a young warrior against sixteen colossi, enormous, formidable creatures that roam the plains, deserts, ruins, and lakes of a forbidden and forgotten land. A mixture of organic and architectural parts, each colossus is a wonder to behold; each encounter with a giant is unique and memorable. Director Fumito Ueda, who also helmed Ico, created in Shadow of the Colossus (SOTC) one of the most atmospheric, puzzling, and immersive games of the sixth generation. It's a shame that, in the decade since the release of SOTC, we've yet to play a new title from Ueda, one of the industry's brightest stars.