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Landguy said:

Yes, see my example right above your comment.

The first week of november, the XB1 eliminated 150,000 of the gap already.  Sales in the3rd/4th week of november are 3 times the first week.

Which is impressive indeed. However, I don't see the PS4 just sitting on it's laurels with nothing to offer either. We don't know whose gonna take the 3rd and 4th week. Even if the PS4 didn't sell at all from this point on, the Xbox One still wouldn't surpass it's LTD sales in the US. Now December would be a different story if they sales were still stagnant for the PS4.

Let's be real though. We know the PS4 will continue to sell. GTAV bundle will make it so that the PS4 stays afloat. I myself don't care if the Xbox beats the PS4 in the US. I just don't believe it's going to be now. I believe when Halo 5 comes, we'll see that gap coming to a marginal effect.

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