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Retro City Rampage (Vita, 2012)

guessed by KLXVER

Inspired by Grand Theft Auto III, Retro City Rampage is an open-world game full of possibilities. It's also one of the funniest games ever made, poking fun at classic games, pop culture, and the video game industry at large. What's most impressive about the game is the fact that it's almost entirely the work of a single man, Brian Provinciano, who created in Retro City one of the all-time great "sandbox" games and one of the all-time great game parodies. The jokes are smart and funny, the missions embrace gameplay elements from many different genres and eras, and throughout the game there is a thrilling sense of discovery and adventure. It's a brilliant synthesis of old-school sensibilities and new-school technologies. And it's proof that game design and creativity will always trump glossy graphics and orchestral soundtracks.