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For those who don't remember, i have a three-pronged scoring system: combined score of 30 points out of 10 in three categories: First Impression, Replay, and Technical Score. First is how much i liked it right off the bat, second is how much i've replayed it or, for newer titles, how much i could see myself replaying it, third is how strong i feel the game is objectively (well-balanced gameplay, polished graphics, solid engine, etc).

Under this system, there was a 5-way tie for 50th place this year. However, one of those five obviously deserved the nod. Here are the 4 who just barely didn't make it:

Kirby Triple Deluxe (Nintendo/HAL Labs, 3DS, 2014)
Kid Icarus Uprising (Nintendo/Sora, 3DS, 2012)
Okami (Capcom/Clover, PS2/Wii, 2006/08)
No More Heroes (Marvelous/Grasshopper, Wii, 2008)

Monster Hunter: pissing me off since 2010.