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While I'm not ASSASSIN'S CREED usually one to AVAILABLE NOW make a thread LEARN MORE about an ad on this ASSASSIN'S CREED site, there is one AVAILABLE NOW ad that is LEARN MORE pretty much killing ASSASSIN'S CREED me right AVAILABLE NOW now.  No matter what ASSASSIN'S CREED I click on or AVAILABLE NOW how I navigate VGChartz LEARN MORE my every action is more complicated ASSASSIN'S CREED than it needs to LEARN MORE be.

I browse this site on my phone and that goddam ASSASSIN'S CREED ad just keeps popping up.  Sometimes I click to close it and, instead of it closing, I navigate to the site OR I click what's under it.  It sends me to the wrong thing and when I try to back up, it takes me back to the ad.  In other words, this site is impossible to navigate right now.

Thanks, ASSASSIN'S CREED.  Good to know you're AVAILABLE NOW in the event that I would like to LEARN MORE even though I haven't bought a game in the series since the second one.

Twitter: @d21lewis