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Hey everyone,

This is my first time posting a new topic. I have checked these forums a lot over the past year and it seems that for the most part people here like to talk video games.

Well, me and about 6 of my friends have started a new gaming clan, for all types of games. We have also started a new YouTube channel. We are posting a lot of videos, because we want to share our experiences with everyone, but we also want people to give feedback to help our gaming strategies.

We want people to view the games we cover on our channel and discuss with us and other people.

We also, will be doing give aways. Our first giveaway is a major one. Once we hit 100 subscribes we are giving away a brand new PS4, for free.

Since our clan and channel are growing so quick already, we wanted to show we are in it for the long haul.

So please take a look at the links below. I have our main channel, and a few selected videos from our channel that you guys may like. Please, take a look at the videos, subscribe, like, and please leave your comments/input (good or bad).

Also, if you want to join our clan, just message me. Below is a list of games we are going to be posting videos of (current and future). We only started with BF4 and COD: AW.

List of games covered currently: COD: AW, BF4, Far Cry 4, Assassins Creed Unity, GTA V, Final Fantasy Series, Driveclub, bunch of Nintendo games, and more.

Our channel links - please subscribe, more coming every day and we take suggestions. Again, at 100 subs, free PS4 giveaway.

  1. Main channel -
  2. Tips and tricks -
  3. COD: AW gameplay -
  4. BF4 Awesome knifing -
  5. COD: AW multiplayer walkthrough -

Thanks again everyone. I hope some of you subscribe and I hope some want to join our clan and channel to upload and share the games you like!

For The Gamers [FTG]


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare