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kowenicki said:
eva01beserk said:

Why? Halo 2 remake sure. No one can deny the work they put into that. But a collection? Almost no one is going to play the other 3 storys and you know it. At most play halo 2 story once and thats it, multyplayer only. They should have just made this game halo 2 remake with all the maps from the other 3 games and save on production cost. A collection is worth it if people plan to play the content wich will not happen with this game. like the metro redux, bioshock 1+2, god of war collection, and others like that. Like I said before, its like making a call of duty collection or a sports game collection, it dosent matter cuz people will only play the multyplayer and thats just a bunch of maps and for sports nobody touches the old version as soon as a new game releases.

No I dont. it couldnt be further from the truth imo.

Halo 3 for instance is one of the highlights, looks soooo good in the remaster.

You are overlaying your own opinion on that of halo fans.  Clealry that isnt very wise.

I will be playing all of the games over again, From start to finish, Then Multi-player.