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eva01beserk said:
TheSting said:
eva01beserk said:
ethomaz said:

I disagree.

I believe people will try what is new first and maybe play Halo 2 MP more at start but after they will play the others games too.

You missunderstood. I meant they will only play the campaing of halo 2 only. But multyplayer they will play all the maps from all the games.

Tell me you don't believe this. You can't even prove this lol

I said on another post I cant proove it. I tryed looking for an article I read about multyplayer shooters that said they dont play campaing, althou mainly call of duty, but I cant fing it. Im just saying since its a joint fanbase on the xbox that it might have the same outcome. Although im almost certain thats whats going to happen. People will get this for the multyplayer only. Only the fans will care for the campaing. But a lot of people will play the halo 2 campaing.

Nothing you can bring out will prove this.