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ckmlb said:
Bodhesatva said:

I'm not sure if you've ever noticed, but I do praise Ico and Shadow of the Colossus to the sky (especially the latter). I have specifically said that it's the only game I played on any console last generation, and I did so because it fascinated me. I was not disappointed.

However, these are literally just two games; that's it. That's really all I can name, at all, that attracts the adult side of me. That's pathetically small given the library of 1400+ PS2 games, and not even starting on the PS1/Xbox/360/PS3 titles. And if we're talking about attracting adults, it's not as simple as making an aesthetically arresting game. It's most definitely a start, but the problem lies in this: basically every game that people love on the PS/360 -- including Shadow of the Colossus -- has Guns, Swords, Cars, or some combination of the three. That's a problem. Guns, Swords, and Cars, Guns, Swords and Cars, over and over again. It just screams "teenage boy fantasy land," and that is the essential theme that video games need to get away from to attract mature adult gamers.

The games that will attract adult gamers aren't Metal Gear or God of War or Gears of War. In fact, as I've said, I think those games are antithetical to the cause. It is games like Brain Age, The Sims, Cooking Mama, Wii Sports, and Wii Health that are bringing adults in (I believe that last one will be the most important of the bunch) Most importantly, I believe this will finally give video games a chance to be something more than a puerile preoccupation -- something more than Guns, Swords, and Cars. And War, always War. I'm tired of the e-thug market.

I'm not even going to argue anymore if you rather play those mini games go play them no way of convincing you, I guess everyone who plays the other kinds of games are all immature because they are not 'adults' like you are... Get off your fuckin high horse.

Don't forget to conveniantly ignore all the other hardcore games that don't have guns or gore in them like RPGs and such... Yeah Tidus was an e-thug I can see it now...

Oh, the irony of claiming I'm on a high horse, when you stated not three days ago that anyone who dislikes the plot of MGS2 "just doesn't get it" and is too shallow to want to think while playing games.

This really isn't about me and my exquisite, sophisticated tastes -- which don't really exist yet, and are only burgeoning -- it's about people who are already mature adults, and their sophisticated tastes, which do exist, right now. I'm not there yet, as I've pointed out, but I can already feel myself moving in that direction. I'm 25 years old. I want this market to be ready for me when I'm 35 and married, or 40 with kids. I want an alternative to those "independant films" you alluded to in another thread; an actually cerebral experience to entertain myself with, but with video games. Guns, Swords and Cars clearly aren't getting us there, as video games have made no appreciable inroads towards capturing the adult audience in decades. Every time a new Kill-War-Death game comes out that involves me blowing up space aliens and secret agents, we move farther away from that goal.

And I said: Guns, Swords and Cars. I repeated this three times, in fact. Guns, Cars... and Swords.

Here is the first picture of Tidus I pulled up on Google.

I just want less games where I'm shooting and stabbing and killing stuff.">">