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LemonSlice said:

"In 2004, a 2m statue of the dancing Shiva was unveiled at CERN, the European Center for Research in Particle Physics inGeneva. The statue, symbolizing Shiva's cosmic dance of creation and destruction, was given to CERN by the Indian government to celebrate the research center's long association with India. A special plaque next to the Shiva statue explains the significance of the metaphor of Shiva's cosmic dance with quotations from Fritjof Capra: "


Lemon, do you really think you would find a WIKIPEDIA or Reuters/ CNN article saying:

"The  European Center for Research in Particle Physics in Geneva is a gigantic satanic enterprise and the statue in the front of it is a satanic nephilin that was worshipped as a goddess in a decieved country. Our logo is a demonic 666 that we made in mockery, but of course we will state that it is what it is cause of the shape of our facilities."

Of course not.

Just like you will not see a article saying that Obama bombed Syria because they abandoned the petro-dollar and that can lead the US to collapse, everyone will say it is because of ISIS...

My grammar errors are justified by the fact that I am a brazilian living in Brazil. I am also very stupid.