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I was never much into Smash Bros. can't get my wife to play it either (which would usually get me interested, like mario kart) but trust me when i say, this will be huge for the Wii U. What kind of parent wouldn't buy a Wii U for their kid (Yeah their kid ;)  coming up to christmas with Smash, MK8, Bayo 2 and a whole spate of other games. God....just those 3 make me shiver.


I am predicting a massive turn around in fortunes for the Wii U, once one Dad sees the off screen functionality while playing the game at a buddies house. I have spent countless hours just using the gamepad. One Smash happens, sales will happen even for those who don't enjoy smash. Why? Because Smash is what will be on when many, many people go to a friends house, and when they see the console in action, they will finally at least know what it is.