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Zoombael said:
cpg716 said:
Zoombael said:
cpg716 said:
Zoombael said:
How could it be surprising if PS4 Destiny sold more nonetheless?

I don't understand you people.

A. PS4 has more CONSOLES sold in the USA.

B. Destiny was promoted ONLY for PS4 consoles.


I don't understand how you dont see that..   I am not talking about NEW people who just bought a PS4.. The current installed base of both consoles and promotion would have made me think this was impossible..  so hence I am "suprised" ..  We also don't have digtial sales for EITHER consoles.. so really.. we cant even 100% say that it sold more on PS4..

Opening post quote:

"Yes.. with Digitial and PS4 Destiny bundles we know PS4 sold more copies of the game"

You are still ignoring the whole point of the post..     so anyway.  You don't undestand it.. others do.

I don't understand that you don't understand that you contradict yourself. Yeah, truly incomprehensible.

I don't understand that you don't understand this is what NPD reported and that is why I said it..   I didn't make this up, or come up with it myself..  NPD did.

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