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prayformojo said:
I3LuEI3omI3eR said:

I still feel they're little things missing in order for it to be a CLASSIC! This is referring to the Wii U version as well.

I really miss some of the old Retro stages from the old Smashes (N64 Dreamland, Pokémon Falls, Fourside, Mushroom Kingdom II or Subcon, all from Melee).

Also the character selection, don't get me wrong its great, but I feel they should definitely add just a few more from past Smashes as well (Mewtwo, Ice Climbers, Star Wolf, and Snake come to mind).

Also I hear people want Story Mode again (which in god's name don't understand WHY!). I think this mode is what turned me away from Brawl. To each their own, I guess.

And finally the online mode. There needs to be an option to control the time limits, stocks, and items. I still don't understand why Nintendo can't do something about the Online mode being more user friendly and players having more control over it. This also turned me away from Brawl, BIG TIME! Why does Nintendo have to control how long I can fight with random players, choose the stage for us, and decide whether or not I want to Smash with items and STILL want it to count or not?

Hopefully, they will add many of these features in DLC or Patch.

Thoughts or your own ways to make Smash more memorable?

I planned on getting it for Wii-U and still might but after playing the demo on the 3DS, I might just stick to Melee instead. It kinda feels Maddenish to me (I skipped Brawl all together) in that it doesn't really feel like it's improved since the Gamecube version. The jump from the N64 to Gamecube was HUGE. Everything from graphics to music to gameplay, all improved and all leaps and bounds better. This version? It feels like a step back in alot of ways from Melee. 

First remember that it's a HANDHELD version of the game, It's not a console version.

That being said, I feel the exact opposite. I haven't had this much fun playing a Smash game since Melee on the GC. Of course the Graphics and the controls are gimped... ITS A HANDHELD VERSION of the game!! But I never played a fighter as addicting as this one for a Handheld, and I've played plenty fighters. The music and stages are epic (especially the Boxing Ring, Arena Ferox, Wily Castle, GB Dreamland, Mushroom Kingdom, man I could go on). Besides, you are basing this off of a DEMO. There is literally TONS of content missing from the Demo. But remember keep this in Mind, this should be the CASUAL VERSION of the game and the Wii U version is for the HARDCORE gamers!