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JazzB1987 said:

I am disappointed with the game.

It lacks content. The stage number is smaller than brawl!
The single player experience is crap. You can unlock every character and stage within 3 hours. (I did that and did not look for walkthrough or whatever at all) Even tho i have not played smash or any other fighting game in years. There is no challenge whatsoever.

The only thing left is some of the challenges but since there is nothing I can unlock why do them? (well and trophies but this again does not need any skill it just needs time)

Brawl was much better in every single thing minus the character balance.  I love how Smash 3DS plays. (the controls suck tho)

You unlock characters and stages quickly because there are more things to unlock in this game. It has more trophies than Brawl and it has 8 unlockable custom special moves for almost every character. You say unlocking things takes only time and is not difficult, but it has always been that way. Every character in Melee and Brawl could be unlocked just by playing a bunch of matches, doesn't matter if you win or lose. There are a ton of solo modes you can play, there are rewards for beating most of them on high difficulties or with the entire roster, and on top of that now there's a kind of leaderboard system to encourage you to try to beat your own scores. There is no shortage of content in this game.