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JazzB1987 said:

How is that silly? They could reuse assets to make another NSMB stage etc.  Or well Gameboy stage (its just jpegs with no polygons other than the floor)
Smash 3DS has some music   Brawl had a ton.  But you had to unlock alot of that as far as I know. In the 3DS version? nope

The first page of the challenges almost does itself without work. And if you finish that page the second one is already 50% done.  Stagas and characters also almost unlock themselves because there is no effort needed to unlock them etc. and everys 10 or so fights a new challenger appears. This has nothing to do with the 3DS hardware but with   dont giving a fuck about the game.

TBH to me it seems like this: 
Nintendo: Smash will come out
Sakurai: What? Noone told me.
Nintendo: Sakurai please do another smash for us.
Sakurai: Okay How much time do I have?
Nintendo: Mid/End 2014.
Sakurai: What only?
Nintendo: Yes.

End result unpolished game. (Despite the fighting itself which is glorious)
Kid Icarus is a great game made by the same guy. Smash not so much in terms of contect.

The menu is also a mess. The game has no intro  etc etc. (Do an ingame intro if the cartridge is to small for a movie one) 

The game does not feel epic at all. It feels like a demo to me.

I am trying to tell you that there is no room for anything more on the 3DS. You may not like the breath of content that they did provide, that doesn't take away from it, but they simply could not fit more. You are comparing a multi-gig disc system game (Brawl, Melee) to a cartridge game that is going to be running about as well as the N64. (The game cannot run an intro movie. They are memory hogs as well as CPU hogs, neither of which it has any to spare.) KI:Uprising didn't have to turn off the 3DS OS to be able to run.

The music is fixed to two tracks per stage for a very real, machine limited reason as well as space (music takes up a lot of memory). It cannot hold, nor can it run, more than it does. Having more tracks buried in the code, compressed, would mean jack shit. So what are you going to unlock? Music you can't use? Music the game can't hold or play?

Take this game, compare it to the N64 or even Melee. Just how much are you missing? I'm going to bet nothing, and in fact the 3DS has more content than either of those, by a sizable margin. The problem is you're trying to, now, compared a recent console system release to a handheld.