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TheWPCTraveler said:
I'll forgive Nintendo for not including Popo and Nana in the game...when they come out with an actual Ice Climber sequel/remake.

I think the game was actually hampered by Sakurai's hunt for 60fps at all times, though. Would've made more sense to pack in more content.

IMO they were making the game for the NEW 3DS (again this is just speculation,  but figuring the MiiVerse isnt accessable in the 3ds version, no ice climbers, the system resets itself after you exit the game, and you can't even play it with the circle pad pro). When they found out they could for some reason not meet an NA release for the N3DS before the Holidays they omitted many of the games features and left stuff out just so it could play for the 3ds and meet a reasonable release date for it.

What sucks is if you want the full portable Smash experience, you NEED a N3DS... And I'll bet money that Nintendo would probably make some DLC only Available for N3DS users as well... :-/