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1. They purposefully tried to avoid stages based on home console games. The few that appear are exceptions.

2. Ice Climbers were cut due to hardware limitations and belonging to a dead franchise. Snake could have been cut for several reasons, but in any event there already are three non-Nintendo guests, which is more than enough. I agree about Mewtwo though, while Wolf could go either way.

3. I don't understand WHY a mode that you don't even have to touch turned you away from Brawl. There are plenty of fundamental gameplay elements that should have the same effect.

4. Beause otherwise people would be allowed to express their creativity and force you to play everything from 1 minute to 99 stock matches. And if you want item matches to count I really don't see why local matches won't suffice, considering skill is not a substantial factor.

1. I guess that makes sense, figuring we have Arena Ferox, Spirit Train, 3d Land, Golden Plains, GB Dream Land, Flat Zone 2, and the Living Room, all from Handhelds Games...

2. I smell B.S. with the Ice Climbers. I still feel they could of added them, but know they will make lots of Money including them in a DLC pack along with Mewtwo and Snake (even though he's Konami). Wolf was such of beast in Brawl, he would have been epic in this one as well (unless the Amiibo figures have anything to do with them missing).

3. I am a completionist... I want to finish as much of the game as I possibly can, so having this overly long mode was really annoying. Again I'm surprised how many people like it here and even speechless on how they said they wont get the game if Adventure Mode isn't included, but I guess if it floats your boat, row on... 

4. It should have limits, but they should be longer, something like CoD multiplayer would be ideal... 10 Minute Matches or 12 life stock matches, with a choice of playing for glory mode with or without items and chosing the stage with or without there Original forms... that simple...