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Love the thread! Here's some of my best to help get things started:

Runner2  --  The Welkin Wonderland (World One)

This was a few months back, I may have fallen of the Top 10 list since then, still 33,259,112 on the first world is still pretty epic IMO!

NFS: Most Wanted U -- Pursuit

105,550 SP/119 Cops

Nintendo Land -- Donkey Kong: Crash Course 

17,580 points. Beat that, I dare you


I'll post more soon!


1. If the Wii U sells closer to 10 million LTD by 1/3/2015 I win. If it sells closer to 9.5 million LTD by 1/3/2015 OfficerRaichu15 wins (winner gets 2 weeks of avatar control)--Lost.