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Hiku said:

I've been wondering, how do people count these generation? I only get up to 6.

1.) Nes/Master System
2.) Snes/Megadrive (Genesis)
3.) PlayStation/Saturn/N64/
4.) PlayStation 2/GameCube/Xbox/Dreamcast
5.) PlayStation 3/Xbox360/Wii
6.) PlayStation 4/Xbox One/Wii U

Do people count back to before NES? (Atari, etc?)

Yes, it's generally agreed upon that there's two generations before the NES era (which makes the NES era the 3rd Gen), the one with the Atari 2600 and it's many competitors and the first one with only Pong consoles. I even have systems from those early generations, and considering the giant differences I wouldn't want to count them together with my NES in one generation .